Research and development

If you’ve never made a mistake, you’ve never tried anything new.

Since 2005, we have equipped our organization with prototyping production of electronic boards and small series with the aim of providing our customers with full-scale solutions.

Very often the solutions we propose our customers are characterized by innovation, at times they are at the verge of what technology can actually do. This is why a careful R&D phase must be conducted: to validate our ideas and to improve their implementation.

Thanks to our production site, we can be extremely fast in producing an assembled prototype. This allows our designers to have the time to test alternatives and to produce new ideas and approaches, thus identifying the most suitable solution for the customer’s needs, all in a matter of weeks.


When the design phase is over and when the products are ready to be deployed on the market, our site is no longer suitable. Speed, quality and reliability are inescapable qualities in this phase.

Thanks to our partnership with an electronic manufacturing company that adopts state of the art technologies, we are able to guide our customers from first test series to mass production