Customer: La Tecnomedica

Category:  Industrial, IOT

Summary description: IT system for pharmacies with video surveillance and integration capabilities on cloud platforms.

Type of activity: hardware design, embedded Linux software development, video capturing and processing, multi-platform communication, complex graphic interface implementation

Customer brief

To develop an information system for communicating the opening and closing hours of the pharmacies. The system must be innovative, equipped with video communication capabilities to talk to customers and able to view medical prescriptions. In addition, the videos need to be stored in a cloud system. The system, having to fulfill legal obligations, needs to be equipped with a self-diagnostic system which, through various communication channels (email, SMS, voice call), shall promptly notify the service center and the pharmacist in case of malfunction.

Product description

A bulletin board for pharmacies that displays on a 15 inches screen the nearest pharmacies on duty in a prompt and intuitive way. The nearest drugstore and the ones on duty are also displayed. The touch screen version is equipped with a navigable interactive map. Superteca is programmed remotely and networked via a LAN connection to automatically receive the shift adjustments in case of changes. Thanks to a multiple call function, the physical presence of the pharmacist is no longer required during the shift: the pharmacist is alerted only when necessary. Thanks to the webcam, images are transmitted and stored on a cloud system and are made available to the pharmacist, who can see who is calling and read the recipe through web interface. It is a legal obligation for the pharmacy to expose its shifts, this is why Superteca features the most advanced self-diagnostic system and alarm communication able to ensure its proper functioning. Thanks to the uninterruptible power supply (UPS), the system continues to work even in case of temporary blackout. If the power failure were to continue, the device sends an alert specifying the autonomy remaining.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Video capturing and analysis on embedded Linux system, high reliability, self-diagnostics, remote cloud management, complex graphic interface.