DAOS & Tokbo @ Electronica 2022

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DAOS & Tokbo have been invited to show their project and development into the ST boot in Munich, Electronica 2022

Metasail is a regatta dedicated tracker device

Nota Nota

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Nota Nota is the gate to the beauty of fragrances that connects creators and designers from all over the world

Termoskin Meteda

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Correct evaluation of thermal sensitivity in people with diabetes. A predictive disorder, not to be underestimated


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The ultimate luxury smart device. The internal CPU establishes a BLE connection with the user’s device


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Wearable device that monitors the performance of football players, while protecting them from injuries


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GlareSmile revolutions oral health being a device which brushes teeth in a few seconds

Mymemo is the first and only modular automatic IOT pill dispenser that resolves drug-related problems

Biothesiometer Meteda

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The Diabetic foot is today the first cause of non-traumatic lower limb amputation

Kippy EVO

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Kippy EVO is the third generation of Kippy pet tracker. WiFi SSID information are collected together

Extract from Pixel RAI3

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Extract from the programme Pixel aired on RAI3

The Seremy life saver is completely autonomous. It is the most powerful bracelet for the elderly

Soccerment al CES

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Soccerment at CES 2020

Maker Fair

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Leonardo De Cosmo interviews Andrea Lombardo, CEO and co-founder of Daos Group at Maker Faire Rome 2020

Evo Post

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Evopost safely collects parcels for you. The first intelligent postbox with digital opening

Wearable smart device designed for women’s safety. Personal safety, extremely powerful sound