Customer: S.I.T. Sordina IORT Technologies

Category:  Medical device

Summary description: device for IORT treatment.

Type of activity: electronic design, firmware development, software development, prototyping, production, maintenance, certification support

Customer brief

The customer has already designed the physics aspects of the accelerator, but now requires an electronic system able to command it adequately so as to provide a state of the art product that is ready for certification. Moreover, the user interface needs to be entirely rewritten, also keeping in mind certification and safety requirements.

Product description

The IORT (Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy) therapy involves the administration of a single dose of radiation applied during a surgical intervention, in order to eliminate the cancerous tissues that cannot be removed surgically. Thanks to the miniaturization of the linear accelerator, a high-energy electrons beam can administer a very precise dose in an extremely short timeframe, within the operating room. IORT is used worldwide and is recognized as an efficient method for the treatment of topical cancer which reduces the risk of recurrence.

Specification and technological peculiarities

This is certainly a Class A medical device. Security and redundancy are at the maximum level.