Customer: MGH Systems

Category:  Industrial, Tracking device

Summary description: Tracks. Analyzes. Improves.

Type of activity: Manufacturing

Customer brief

Advanced IOT platform for fleet managment.

Product description

Our mission is to overcome the obsolete pursuit of merely cutting your fleet’s operating costs, providing a single, straightforward control and decision support hub that can predict and drive revenue from wheel-based businesses that are heavily reliant on interaction between custom-equipped trucks, drivers, and service providers. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Fleet Managers, and Operation Managers can finally count on an IoT solution that perfectly fits the unique characteristics of their company fleet and business model. With its hardware,firmware, and software package, Wheeliot empowers a new way of work, improving the work quality of everyone who directly or indirectly influences the performance of operations. The platform’s unprecedented tracking and data analysis functions deliver a seamless flow of detailed insights that can optimise the performance of all types of commercial and industrial vehicles. This platform has been designed to stay with customers over the years, helping them to smoothly navigate any regulatory and technological changes as well as dramatically minimising the environmental impact of their fleet.

Specification and technological peculiarities

LTE, GNSS, Linux based