Customer: Meteda

Category:  Medical device

Summary description: Aid for the diagnosis of diabetes

Type of activity: Electronic design, mechanical design, firmware development

Customer brief

The so-called Diabetic foot is today the first cause of non-traumatic lower limb amputation. Early diagnosis, achieved also by screening tests, such as biothesiometry, is fundamental to identify patients at risk of developing this condition.

Product description

Thanks to the peculiar technology used, the Biothesiometer Plus is the only operator-unbiased biothesiometer. The variability of the results due to the pressure exerted is completely eliminated thanks to its piezoelectric motor. In fact the device allows the correct execution of the tests and ensures a homogeneous detection of the results even in case of different operators. The new device has also been designed in order to avoid over time loss of calibration of the vibratory mechanism. For this reason it does not require periodic calibration. The device is powered by high performance rechargeable batteries that ensure better results. High comfort is guaranteed by the small size and further reduced weight.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Piezo driver, microcontroller, AI