Customer: Agrorobotica

Category:  Industrial, IOT

Summary description: Pest trap with AI e real time monitoring

Type of activity: Electronic design, mechanical design

Customer brief

Pests are attracted by pheromeone bait end are captured. The picture is taken and transferred to the cloud where an AI algorythm identifies the pest type. If dangerous, an alarmi is immediately rised.

Product description

A highly innovative monitoring system which, through 4.0 technologies – optical sensors, artificial intelligence, advanced learning and self-adaptive algorithms, advanced communication systems – is able to process the acquired data. Together with the pictures, other data are collected and transfered (i.e. temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.). A solar panel is used to recharge the secondary batteries of the device.

Specification and technological peculiarities

High resolution camera, Raspberry computer module, GNSS, LTE module