Customer: Smartpanel real time

Category:  Television Audience measurment

Summary description: real time television audience survey system.

Type of activity: electronic design, cloud software development for data reception, development of graphical user interfaces for mobile devices, software development for data analysis

Customer brief

Upgrade the electronic device firmware already developed by us, to become an instrument that can detect the listening curves of each real-time television channel, thus allowing Sky to receive the viewing figures within a few seconds. For the first time in Italy, a broadcaster will have a tool that will allow to edit the contents of the live broadcasts in front of its audience.

Product description

The main part of the system’s hardware is composed of a specifically designed device capable of interfacing with the Sky decoder and detecting the television channel being viewed. In order to avoid false detections, for example when the decoder is turned on and the TV is turned off, a sophisticated proprietary sound matching algorithm verifies that the audio signal output corresponds to the audio decoder. The data of the channel the decoder is tuned onto is transmitted each second to a server capable to acquire real-time information and perform mutiple statistical analysis for the calculation of the listening curves. The acquisition server makes the listening curves, processed by websocket protocol, available onto different viewing software, such as, web and on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

Specification and technological peculiarities

Acquisition and real-time data processing, web application with websocket technology, security management and data privacy.