Customer: Tokbo

Category:  Industrial

Summary description: TOKBO is a smart system to monitor infrastructures

Type of activity: Electronic design, mechanical design, firmware development

Customer brief

TOKBO develops devices for the constant and remote monitoring of both temporary infrastructures, such as scaffolding, and static infrastructures, such as buildings, bridges and road protection systems. TOKBO offers new and more effective safety standards and simplifies critical maintenance operations.

Product description

The smart solution consists of: hardware products, with structural bolts that become probes for monitoring the clamping force, vibration and temperature. The measurement is done computing the time needed by an acoustic wave to travel through the metal.The system is completed by digital platforms that constantly analyze the key components, visible and non-visible, of the structures to monitor their compliance and conservation status, as well as maintenance services for security purposes.TOKBO is an Intelligent Talking Bolt Network, a system that brings IoT to the fastener industry, setting the benchmark for mechanical components that integrate digital electronics.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Ultrasonic measuring, IOT, low power, industrial bus