Customer: Sky Italia

Category:  Television Audience measurment

Summary description: custom device for measuring television audience

Type of activity: electronic design, firmware development, prototyping, production, maintenance

Customer brief

Sky Italy requested, in a very short time-frame, a technologically advanced system to measure the audience of their programs. The system requires it to be easy to install, able to provide daily data and to be potentially expandable with additional functionalities, such as, the transmission of real time data.

Product description

The device we designed, in addition to being at the forefront in terms of detection capability of television programs, to integrate with existing hardware which allows Sky to collect as much data as possible, not only about the user-selected television program, but also about all other interactions the viewer has with Sky. To realize this, it was necessary to modify the internal electronic circuits of Sky’s set-top boxes, thus creating a new device, capable of delivering all the necessary data. In addition, the device is designed to aesthetically integrate with Sky’s devices. This meant that we had to design an ad hoc plastic container able to contain all the required electronics.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Integration of electronics designed by us within an existing system already in production. Maximum reduction in the cost of production.