Customer: Sviluppo interno

Category:  Medical device

Summary description: mask indicator of oxygen concentration for hyperbaric chambers.

Type of activity: electronic design, mechanical, firmware development, prototyping, production, maintenance, marketing

Customer brief

Following a fatal accident that occurred in the hyperbaric chamber of the Galeazzi Hospital in Milan, there became the need to revisit the entire oxygen measuring system within the chamber for oxygen therapy. One of the main needs was to develop an accurate and precise indicator for the measurement of oxygen present and distributed.

Product description

The instrument has been designed to meet the needs of oxygen measurement with masks for patients during oxygen therapy within a hyperbaric chamber. More oxygen probes allow the measurement of the gas values also in other peculiar points in the chamber, such as the main area and the outer chamber, in order to increase safety levels. The reading is made with an automatic scan of the measuring point, up to a maximum of 16, using a single cell and a hydraulic system of oxygen pickup from the patients’ masks. Simultaneous vision on specific displays for each measurement point of the percentage of oxygen, with 0.1% resolution.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Design of an oxygen hydraulic collecting system from the different collection points. Intrinsic safety systems, safety certification.