Customer: Sviluppo interno

Category:  Industrial, Medical device

Summary description: Indicator of oxygen’s level of concentration.

Type of activity: electronic design, firmware development, mechanical design, special custom development, prototyping, production, maintenance

Customer brief

The task involves the design and construction of a small portable instrument. Special care and attention is requested as the new product needs to obtain certification as a medical device. It is also exected that the device be housed in a container specifically designed to be sturdy and waterproof, so as to ensure its use, with modified firmware, also within the industrial field.

Product description

Measurement instrument for use in pediatrics, intensive care, anesthesia, hyperbaric chambers and in all other sites where the oxygen level may become critical and thus create explosive mixtures in the presence of other gases, or become usafe the operators (in fermentation silos, tunnels, wells, sewage systems). The instrument employs a long-life galvanic measuring cell. This solution eliminates the drawbacks due to the replacement of membranes and electrolytes and does not require a long time for polarization or of waiting before its actual use. In its industrial version, the fields of use are in the maintenance of silos.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Graphic color display with OLED technology. The values of the alarm Min / Max limits are always displayed. Audible and visual alarm. Resolution of 0.1% for reading to ensure an immediate response of the changes that are underway. Class IIB Medical Device complies with Directive 93/42 / EEC.