Customer: Studio Volpi

Category:  Consumer

Summary description: domestic essence mixer for the creation of perfumes.

Type of activity: collaboration on the design of the mechanisms, electronic design, prototyping

Customer brief

A company based in the UAE contacted our client, the Studio Volpi, asking for the design and development of a machine able to create customized perfumes, based on cartridges containing basic essences.

Product description

The product has completely innovative features. Eight essence cartridges rotate on a carousel to arrive at the point of dispense. A sophisticated control system verifies that the amounts requested perfectly correspond with the quantities distributed by counting the single drops. An RFID system verifies the authenticity of the cartridges and the remaining amounts of essence in each cartridge. The machine has been developed adopting various electronic solutions that have been manufactured ad hoc, such as an illuminated button with an OLED display, a touch interface and a Bluetooth connection.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Multiprocessoring system, precise motor control, optical identification of delivered drops, rFid tag on a revolving system.