Customer: Meteda

Category:  Medical device

Summary description: cardiovascular testing apparatus for the diagnosis of diabetic neuropathies

Type of activity: electronic design, firmware development, software development management, prototyping, production, maintenance, certification support

Customer brief

The customer is been marketing one of its own design tools for over ten years. The task that was entrusted to us requires us to totally redesign the device with advanced technologies, ensuring a low price and high quality production. Particular care is given to the mechanical design of several containers and accessories. The reduced numbers of production units does not allow the realization of plastic molds.

Product description

The longer diabetes persists, the greater the risk of developing neuropathy (Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy) which is one of the most dangerous complications of diabetes mellitus. It is essential to identify the CAN in its early stage when the effects are still reversible. The Neurotester is the most suitable medical device able to carry out these tests. It is a software that runs on the doctor’s PC, it connects via Bluetooth interface to the electronics of the device and works as a guide for the tests through voice messages and simple directions projected on the screen, thus helping the operator and the patient to properly perform the required procedures.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Multiprocessor system that measuries the ECG signal via capacitive sensors, advanced analysis of acquired signals, design of mechanical parts and containers without using special molds.