Customer: Milkrite

Category:  Industrial

Summary description: Pulsators and measurment technologies

Type of activity: Electronic design, firmware development

Product description

The IUC 24 12VDC is a control box equipped with a switching transformer used to supply power to the electrical pulsator (LE30) with a 12VDC 16.7A output at a maximum of 25°C (77°F). It is capable of supplying power to a maximum of 24 Pulsators (front & rear) divided in four channels (maximum of six Pulsators per channel). Every pulsator is equipped with two electric coils: one rear and one front. It is possible to program the ratio to 10÷90 (90÷10) and with a programmable frequency of between 30 and 260 pulsations per minute. The Maximum absorption of every electric coil: 3.6W at 12VDC (absorption approximately 270mAcc). Every channel must supply a maximum nominal of 4.175A (two electric coils simultaneously for six pulsators) and has a maximum power supply limit set by the controlling CPU of approximately 5.0A +10% -0%. The device uses the classic switching technology and therefore absorbs the current with almost unique power as per the norms in force in Europe (EN61000 and derivatives).

Specification and technological peculiarities

Conductive measurment, data analysis