Customer: DEMUP Search

Category:  IOT, Tracking device

Summary description: GPS tracker with mesh function.

Type of activity: mechanical design, electronic design, firmware development, prototyping, production, maintenance, cloud reception infrastructure

Customer brief

To create a GPS tracker that can effectively track the progress of a sports race with many competitors concentratedin small areas. The customer tested the idea using commercial devices, but discarded it as the trackers were unable to work in low or no GPRS coverage areas, which is very frequent and often inevitable during a race.

Product description

The device offers a number of features: data on movement, position, direction and speed. It also offers security features, serving as an emergency device, capable of generating calls in case of danger, with automatic identification of the unit’s position. The main characteristic is being able to transmit the data in multiple modes. Via Bluetooth communication for a short distances, particularly useful during training, or in GPRS mode during races or using a 800 MHz transmission system to create a true mesh network between devices. This feature allows units, that are out of coverage, to report their information through the network formed by other nodes and to finally reach the server. Due to the necessary waterproofing, the mechanics are designed in a watertight manner. To avoid the frequent use of the charging connector, which is protected by a special hermetic door, an induction battery charging system has been embedded within teh enclosure.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Sealing of the container, miniaturization, multi standard simultaneous communication.