Customer: IntendiMe

Category:  Personal Assistance

Summary description: Help system for deaf people

Type of activity: Electronic and mechanical design, firmware development

Customer brief

The customer developed the idea and needed to be supported in order to develop the product, the mechanical and electronic design, and to develop the firmware.

Product description

IntendiMe is a simple, innovative and versatile system that offers the user a “hearing” experience: in real time the sounds that surroung the user surround go directly on his/her wrist. By subscribing to IntendiMe the user will receive KitMe: the kit consisting of sensors that are applied to sound sources, a smartwatch that vibrates and lights up in real time, and an app that can manage multiple sensors and smartwatches at the same time. A system that can improve the daily life of the user thus making him/her feel independent, free and safe.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Battery life is guaranteed by a dedicated radio protocol with which the sensors communicate with the smart watch. The sensor is able to detect and recognize sounds thanks to a MEMS microphone with Wake On Sound technology and a piezoelectric capsule, thus collecting vibrations.