Customer: Kippy

Category:  Consumer, Tracking device

Summary description: GPS tracking system based on cloud infrastructure

Type of activity: electronic design, firmware development, prototyping, production, cloud infrastructure development, maintenance

Customer brief

The customer has already built a prototype using a third party and is ready for production, but is not satisfied with its performance. We must therefore redesign the device completely, respecting choices previously made.

Product description

Kippy Life is a revolutionary tool for pets. A simple solution that allows to get to know your pet: a device that reports in full the pet’s daily activities. An innovative technology that allows to receive, with only a few clicks, all the pet’s information directly onto the preferred device: be it a PC, a laptop, a tablet or a Smartphone. The GPS device constantly locates the animal, while the Activity Tracker monitors in real time all its motion parameters.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Low consumption, extreme attention to production costs, remote firmware update, cross-platform application, web management and control systems.