Customer: SIMMM Engineering

Category:  Industrial

Summary description: programmable electronic control for high-pressure pumps.

Type of activity: electronic design, firmware development, prototyping, production

Customer brief

The customer produces high-pressure pumping units that rely on a patented mechanics. The electronic controls must not be limited to the simple motor control, but must offer customers sophisticated features and methods of access, usually present in much more complex devices. Great attention has been dedicated to the manufacturing cost of the device and the performance of each component used.

Product description

Designed for industrial and commercial environments, the HPro line allows the coverage of medium and large environments also using multiple units electronically linked. The patented mechanics, combined with a high efficiency pumping unit, are supported by exclusive Eddy4 electronics. The management functionality is unique and allows to interact with all the operating parameters in a direct way by means of a remote web interface. Thanks to the Ethernet connection or a Wi-Fi link, network paramenters, alerts and alarms can be set to adjust every minor aspect of the atomisation operation via PC, smartphone or tablet. It indifferently operates on iOS or Android systems.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Web programming system unit made with low-power microcontrollers, networking, GPRS connection.