Customer: Intel LEA

Category:  Industrial

Summary description: mission critical ISDN and VOIP communication system.

Type of activity: electronic design, mechanical design, firmware development, prototyping, production, maintenance

Customer brief

The company successfully markets its own digital communication system. The new project that has been entrusted to us foresees that the characteristics of robustness and reliability, already known in the previous system, take their place alongside a fully programmable management of the system and the possibility of interfacing with VOIP systems. The project is also based on a technological upgrade of all components and production methods.

Product description

The system allows different modes of vocal communication amongst remote units. They may be group calls, general calls, call forwarding amongst several different plants. The system has been designed to work in the industrial field, 24/24. The units are made out of specific materials and methodologies that allow to withstand vibration and shock.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Environment microprocessor, standard VOIP communication, reliability and robustness, distant digital communication.