Customer: GfK Italia Srl

Category:  Television Audience measurment

Summary description: multimedia device for market research.

Type of activity: electronic design, mechanical design, usability optimization, embedded Linux programming, development of a script language for developing the questionnaires, implementation and maintenance of infrastructure cloud data management, mass production, maintenance

Customer brief

Create a remote and fully manageable multimedia system, able to propose the interviewee a multimedia questionnaire. Barcodes, recorded voice notes, photographs and video must also be captured. The system must be equipped with GPRS connectivity for remote configuration and data transmission to a cloud system.

Product description

The Dialogatore is a multimedia terminal based on a low power Marwell PXA320 processor running a Linux operating system for the management of a touch screen display and a graphics interface. When the main processor is in stand-by mode, an auxiliary processor deals with the other functionality of the system. The system is equipped with numerous devices that expand the functionality: secondary OLED display, programmable function keys, high efficiency bar-code reader, video camera for photos and video acquisition, GPRS modules for data transmission and remote management of the device. The loading of the questionnaires is done through a cloud system that also allows to define the specifications for compiling the questionnaires (scheduler). System maintenance, inlcluding software and firmware updates, is fully automatic and remotely managed.

Specification and technological peculiarities

Audio and video capturing, embedded Linux programming, multiprocessor architecture, complex graphical interface, GPRS communication.