Customer: Sky Television Deutschland

Category:  Television Audience measurment

Summary description: personal device for measuring television audience.

Type of activity: electronic design, mechanical design, firmware development, prototyping, production, maintenance

Customer brief

A panel for TV audience measurement in Germany is to be set up in a very short time. The device, which needs to be designed, must be integrated to the existing decoder that is distributed to the viewers, and should therefore be simple to install and not cause any disruption to families who agree to install it.

Product description

The device perfectly integrates with the Set Top Box used in Germany. It also offers cutting-edge features in terms of identifying the actual listening programs, thanks to the analysis of environmental sound. The system is accompanied by a receiving backend and data processing, able to receive GPRS data collected in the field and provided to Sky Deutschland every morning.

Specification and technological peculiarities

The greatest difficulty was due to the extremely tight delivery deadlines. In less than four months, we were able to pass from the approval of the project to the distribution of the first units within the field.