Customer: ComfTech

Category:  IOT, Personal Assistance

Summary description: IOT device for breath detection

Type of activity: Electronic and mechanical design, firmware development

Customer brief

The company’s knowledge of the world of fabrics and the commitment to preserve and continuously exploit the know-how deriving from tradition, in complete synergy with new technologies of the sector, for years has given life to ComfTech ® garments, comfortable and highly technological, equipped with sensors that are integrated into the fabric, thus allowing the user to monitor and collect biometric data and vital parameters.

Product description

The system consists of a soft and comfortable polypropylene bodysuit, a small device and an app that verifies the detected data. By hooking the Bodee device to the body and when connecting it to the APP, the adult can monitor at all times of how the baby is, if he is agitated or calm, if he is sleeping on his stomach or if he is sitting. Bodee Breath is able to detect breath, position, activity level and noise / sound in the vicinity of the baby.

Specification and technological peculiarities

It is an IOT device with very low consumption, induction charging with Qi standard, Bluetooth 5.1 and breath detection.