Client: Neodelis

Category: Lighting

Brief Description: Smart led lighting with optical links

Task: Electronic design, mechanical design, firmware development

Client briefing

Using light as and when needed LED light sources reduce power consumption, but users'habits can neutralize the benefit of the source's efficiency. The smart LED lamp must manage the consumption control in complete autonomy.

Product description

The light sources of Ecolumiere platform cooperate by exchanging information that determine the adaptation according to the environmental conditions. Without need to change the existing system, simply replacing the bulbs, a network of lights can be created that can achieve a continuous adaptation of the brightness based on the light from the outside environment, ensuring optimum lighting in each area and reducing energy consumption. The Ecolumiere lamps, patented by Neodelis, are developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino.

Specifications and technological distinctiveness

Smart power supply, optical sensor, BLE communication