Comftech Baby

Client: ComfTech

Category: Medical device, IOT

Brief Description: heart meter for newborns

Task: electronic design, firmware development, prototyping, production, maintenance, certification support

Client briefing

Design an electronic measurement instrument that meets certification requirements. In addition, we are asked to take into account the communication aspect so as to assure an easy and reliable connection with major commercial mobile devices, such as, Android and Apple.

Product description

The customer has developed and patented innovative textile sensors that capture the ECG signal in a reliable and non-invasive way. The electronics designed highlights the characteristics of the sensors, allowing the detection, recording and analysis of ECG tracking of the respiratory signal. The device is then accompanied by auxiliary sensors, such as temperature indicators and accelerometers, for providing auxiliary data on the child's bed position and body temperature. The ECG measurement within the first hours after birth is recognized by international medical literature as a key indicator of the baby's health. Comftech Baby, thanks to textile sensors and small size electronics, is totally non-intrusive and does not disturb mother-child contact, all of wich is in line with the recommendations of the medical community.

Specifications and technological distinctiveness

Miniaturization, low power consumption, EEG data analysis detected with non-adhesive sensors, motion analysis, Bluetooth communication.