Lung respirator

Client: Medical Vear

Category: Medical Device

Brief Description: medical device

Task: electronic design, firmware development, prototyping, production, maintenance

Client briefing

The request is to develop an electronic control system that suits the container shapes designed by the customer and has the requirements to pass medical certification tests.

Product description

The purpose of the fan is to bring back the patient in the shortest possible time and with the in the traumatic way, to his natural function, in other words, to a spontaneous ventilation. In an emergency, the mechanical positive pressure ventilation is normally used in a controlled manner and the patient has a completely passive role. When the patient's respiratory activity, however, insufficient to guarantee the exchange of gas, the respirator is able to accommodate spontaneous breathing efforts by providing respiratory support in an interactive way.

Specifications and technological distinctiveness

Complete monitoring of the ventilation function to protect the patient from possible pulmonary failure. The electronics is able to self limit the insufflation pressure, so that, upon reaching the limit imposed, the insufflation is interrupted and the exhalation is activated. To ensure a portable use, the electronics performs sophisticated battery control functions to estimate with accuracy of the level of autonomy remaining.